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on December 7, 2011

Our morning alarm clock is set to NPR, which often notes the sponsorship of programming by the Annie E. Casey Foundation—whose work includes support for children in foster care—right around the time that we’re waking up.


Founder of Wendy’s Dave Thomas, who was an adoptee, started the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption in the ‘90s with the goal of making sure every child has a permanent and loving family. You’ve probably seen some of the Foundation’s posters in Wendy’s restaurants, or bought coupons for Frostys to give out at Halloween that help fund the Foundation’s work.




At home we like to listen to internet radio stations, which have PSAs rather than traditional advertisements. On weekends, they almost exclusively run PSAs for adopting shelter pets (yay!) and the “You don’t have to be perfect to be a perfect parent” ones from They’re funny PSAs that remind listeners being  superparents isn’t a requirement of adopting kids from foster care.

Perfect Parent Video: Ice Cream


It’s nice to be reminded that although we don’t know many people personally who are currently going through the process of adopting from the US foster care system, we’re part of a community working to make kids’ lives better.

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