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What’s wrong with me?

on January 29, 2015

Several months ago, I asked some of our friends to offer suggestions for adoption blog topics, or other information to put in our family profile. One said she thought folks considering us as part of their child-to-be’s adoption plan would want to know what our flaws are, or at least our guilty pleasures. Not long after that, a couple using our adoption agency got a similar question from a woman thinking of placing with them: “Your profile tells all the good stuff. What are the flaws?”pobodysnerfect

It’s a valid question, and one you wouldn’t be able to answer simply by looking at our family profile. As when choosing what to include on resume, hopeful adoptive families typically don’t use their profiles to delve into their worst features. So what better opportunity than this blog to air my flaws* in a public forum? Who wouldn’t want to do that? Let’s get to it!

  1. I have a blinding need for facts that keeps me from enjoying theoretical discussions or understanding the difference between someone embellishing a story to make it more interesting, and flat-out lying.


    This cat’s probably cooler than you

  2. I like puppies, but I think they smell.
  3. Animals–even stinky puppies–are often better than most humans.
  4. Just the thought of having blood drawn scares me.
  5. I have strong stances on pretty much everything but religion. That isn’t always an asset in the South.
  6. I’m an introvert, which some people think is a flaw. It really just means I need time away from crowds to recharge after being in the spotlight for a while.
  7. I’ll sit down for a cup of coffee with pretty much anyone, but I don’t want to talk with you on the phone. Phones are the worst.
  8. I spend too much time staring at screens.


    Never enough colors!

  9. If you murder someone/steal a car/burn down your house for insurance money, I’m going to rat you out. I don’t care who you are.
  10. I purchase more fancy soaps, lotions, cosmetics, and other personal care items than any one person could ever use. Then I feel kind of bad about it.
  11. The sound of a human chewing food disgusts me so much that I turn on the radio when I eat alone.
  12. Live theater makes me uncomfortable because the actors can see you in the audience.
  13. I’ve had anxiety issues over time, but am better now at not letting them get to me.
  14. Finishing all the awesome projects I start is a challenge for me.

Flaw-full enough? I’d invite those who know me to add more in the comments, but:

15. I don’t take constructive criticism (or praise, for that matter) very well.


*”Flaws” or “delightful eccentricities”? You be the judge!


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