various artists — All Tomorrow’s Parties 1.1 CD

various artists — All Tomorrow's Parties 1.1 (front cover)

Released by All Tomorrow's Parties (ATPR2CD) in January 2002.

  1. Sonic Youth – "Fauxhemians"
  2. Unwound – "Behold the Salt"
  3. Stephen Malkmus – "Good Kids Egg"
  4. Stereolab – "Old Lungs"
  5. Bardo Pond – "White Turban (The Traveller)"
  6. Cat Power – "Come On In My Kitchen"
  7. Papa M – "How Can I Tell You I Love You?"
  8. Cannibal Ox – "Pidgeon"
  9. Dead C – "Load Segment"
  10. Boredoms – "Super Now"
  11. Kevin Drumm – "My Tree Bears No Nuts - Part 2"
  12. Satans Tornade – "Enhanced Amalgamated Computer Experience"

Bardo contributes to this compilation celebrating their performance at the Sonic Youth curated All Tomorrow's Parties festival in Los Angeles over March 15-17, 2002. Their track is a way out there 8 minute trip that was recorded in the Lemur House between February and July of 2001. It is a treat, and exclusive to this disc, just like all of the other wonderful tracks on this disc.