Amanita 2×LP/CD

Amanita (CD front cover)

2xLP version released by Drunken Fish Records (DFR-23), CD version released by Matador Records (OLE 180) in April 1996.

  1. the high frequency
  2. Clean Sweep [2xLP version only]
  3. Brambles [2xLP version only]
  4. RM

Their stunning Matador debut, featuring over 70 minutes of Bardo jams. The double LP release of Amanita features two songs exclusive to vinyl. This is a nice starting point for first time Bardo listeners, as it encompasses every aspect of the band quite nicely. The pre-release cassette was called the high frequency, causing the album to mistakenly be called that from time to time.

One of the best descriptions of this album that I have ever read comes from a Drunken Fish catalog:

"As the resin oozes on, sticking everything in it's path to the couch, Bardo stumbles into the 2nd phase of a full length zone-out. Limp-lidded guitars are in more abundance than ever, courses are being plotted with the controls set for the heart of the bowl, and somewhere deep inside a 'rock' band has emerged... however baked it may be."

Archived reviews

Mike Noren, The Stanford Daily, May 16, 1996.