Bardo Pond + Tom Carter — 4/23/03 CD

Bardo Pond + Tom Carter — 4/23/03 (front cover)

Released by Three Lobed Recordings (TLR-012) in April 2004.

  1. 17:40
  2. 4:15
  3. 10:24
  4. 19:43
  5. 13:07

In April of 2003, Tom Carter was passing through Phildelphia doing a series of shows. While in town, he brought his guitar with him to the Lemur House and the like-minded Bardos happily took him in. Relaxed, the tape started running and the sixty minutes resulting from that adventure is contained herein. These sessions are truly a collaborative effort where Bardo and Carter both play to each other’s strengths and the results are on par with the classic Hash Jar Tempo collaborations.