“Bog” Bardo Pond/Buck Paco split 12″ EP

Buck Paco/Bardo Pond split 12″ EP (front cover)

Released by Black September Records (BLACK-001) in August 2005. 600 copies pressed.

Side A
  1. Bardo Pond – “Bog”
Side B
  1. Buck Paco – “Six Months to the Day”
  2. Buck Paco – “Pushed Out Into the Sun”

This 12″ features a side-long track from Bardo Pond as well as two tracks from fellow Philadelphians Buck Paco. “Bog”, Bardo's contribution, is an extended rocker in the vein of “Euphrates” and “Sangh Seriatim”. The record is limited to 600 non-numbered copies. Clint Takeda has supplied a new and exclusive illustration for one side of the record’s sleeve artwork. The other side of the artwork was prepared by Eric McDade of Buck Paco. Recorded 2/04 at the Lemur House in Philadelphia.