Bufo Alvarius LP/CD

Bufo Alvarius (CD front cover)

Released by Drunken Fish Records (DFR-15) in January 1995. Also known as Bufo Alvarius, Amen 29:15, as is printed on the front and spines of the CD release. The two formats feature slightly different artwork — on the LP cover, the title is not printed at the bottom, and “Bardo Pond” appears on the tongue.

  1. Adhesive
  2. Vent
  3. Amen [CD version only]

Bardo’s first full length LP, recorded in 1993 and 1994. 4-track recordings that sum up everything that Bardo Pond is. A brilliant debut. Vinyl lovers must swallow their pride and buy the CD version, as “Amen” is a half an hour of absorbing meandering that cannot be missed. Still in print through Drunken Fish.

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