Bufo Alvarius LP/CD

Bardo Pond — BUFO ALVARIUS, AMEN 29:15 (Drunken Fish)

These folks have recorded several 7" singles for Compulsiv and others (?). Basement sludge/psyche that really gives you the creeps. Droning, stumbling swamp glue; it's the aural equivalent of a cough syrup shake. This is what Mazzy Star will sound like when they lose their jobs and give up. The sad thing is that the best piece (the "Amen 29:15" of the title, which is actually a 29-minute song) is only a bonus cut on the CD (perhaps it's available on vinyl elsewhere?). For once, LP buyers get shortchanged cause this is scary enough to freeze your veins. A super-long droned-out jam that sounds just like you and your friends in the basement stoned, except when you come down, this still sounds cracked. I always want to imagine that folks making music like this are truly deranged. The reality is that they're probably just like you and I; perhaps a little more high-spirited. (Drunken Fish: 8600 W. Olympic Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90035) (Bardo Pond: 1801 N. Howard St., Philadelphia, PA 19122)

[Written by Butch Lazorchak for the old Indie List Digest volume 4, #37 in August 1995. Reprinted without permission.]

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