Cypher Documents I CD

Cypher Documents I (front cover)

Released by Three Lobed Recordings (TLR-013) in December 2004.

  1. Living Testament
  2. Slag
  3. Nomad
  4. Quiet Tristin
  5. YaYaYaYa
  6. Black Turban
  7. From the Sky

This disc collects seven of the nine exclusive studio MP3s released through this website in 1999–2000. A few song titles have been minorly tweaked from their MP3 form to their current state, but the big change lies in the disc’s final track. Originally released as “In The Sky”, this track was previously a little over five minutes long and was an excerpt from a longer studio work. Cypher Documents I marks the debut of the full version of this track, now under the name “From the Sky”, now at a whopping thirty-one minutes and change. Sit down and prepare for a wild ride, kids.