various artists — DFR-PRCD01 promotional CD

various artists — DFR-PRCD01 (CD front cover)

Released by Drunken Fish Records (DFR-PRCD01) in January 1999.

  1. Brother JT – "Like Father Like Sun Pt. One"
  2. Hash Jar Tempo – "Labiomancy"
  3. Back Off Cupids – "?"
  4. Atman – "Tensgretty"
  5. Peter Jeffries/Jono Lonie – "Interalia"
  6. Starfuckers – "Ostinato"
  7. Birchville Cat Motel – "Fake Fur Pond"
  8. Jason Bill/Jack Rose – "Forest for the Trees"
  9. Roy Montgomery – "Ill at Home"
  10. rhBand – "Track One"
  11. Children's Television Workshop – "Tripster"
  12. Brother JT – "Let's Get Wet"
  13. Bardo Pond – "Tapir Dub"

In a first, Darren from Drunken Fish Records brings us a promotional CD highlighting many of the fine artists from his label. A fantastic disc from start to finish and one worth of keeping close at hand at all times. The Bardo Pond track is a variant home-recorded version of "Tapir Song" from Amanita. This track is from the Drunken Fish archives and legend has it that it was originally planned to be the B-side to the "Be a Fish" 7" which was never issued. Here's to hoping that more material from these archives sees the light of day soon... The Hash Jar Tempo track is readily available on Under Glass.