various artists — Follow the Bouncing Ball CD

various artists — Follow the Bouncing Ball (front cover)

Released by Ba Da Bing Records (BING003) in August 1995.

  1. Stratotanker – "Welfare Song"
  2. Alger Hiss – "Gallo"
  3. Spatula – "Distance of the Moon"
  4. Spent – "Unwrapped, Ungiven"
  5. Receptionists – "Berry Stained"
  6. Holiday Flyer – "Halo"
  7. Spiny Anteaters – "Buffalo Toy"
  8. Fuck – "One Eye Out the Door"
  9. Poem Rocket – "The Animal Planter"
  10. Hem – "Love to Listen"
  11. Babytooth – "Zero Balancer"
  12. Joel Phelps – "Last at Last"
  13. Simon Joyner – "I Would Not Try to Break Ties With Me"
  14. Jessamine – "All the Same"
  15. Bardo Pond – "Jungle Tune"

A very strong compilation featuring many incredible tracks by some great talent. If you've been looking for a copy of this compilation and have had a hard time getting ahold of it, contact Ben Goldberg to order a copy straight from the source for $10 postpaid. Rock on!