various artists — Harmony of the Spheres 3×LP box set/2×CD

various artists — Harmony of the Spheres (front cover)

Released by Drunken Fish Records (DFR-25) as a 3xLP box set in November 1996. Reissued as a 2xCD by Drunken Fish (DFR-50) in November 1999. The vinyl box set was a limited edition of 3000.

Side A
  1. Bardo Pond – "Sangh Seriatim"
Side B
  1. Flying Saucer Attack – "Since When"
Side C
  1. Jessamine – "22:30"
Side D
  1. Roy Montgomery – "Fantasia on a Theme by Sandy Bull"
Side E
  1. Loren Mazzacane Connors – "Revolt! 1. Flames 2. The Gathering 3. Revolt! 4. Fand (a Tear)"
Side F
  1. Charalambides – "Naked in our Deathskins"

Triple LP boxed set, featuring six bands/artists, one to each LP side. Gorgeous packaging and outstanding music make this a must grab for any fan. The vinyl version of this set, which clearly is the version to own, was printed in a run of 3000 copies and is out of print. Drunken Fish plans on releasing this set on CD sometime in 1999.