Lapsed LP/CD

Lapsed (CD front cover)

Released by Matador Records (OLE 210) in October 1997.

  1. Anandamide
  2. Green Man

The absolutely brutal 2nd release on Matador. This is Bardo at their fiercest and at their most refined. Stunning record, and it gets even better live.

Similar to the treatment they gave Amanita, Drunken Fish Records hits the nail on the head when they describe Lapsed as:

"The fourth album of resin-slogged, lid-heavy, and wah-blown, psychedelic-gone jamming from Philadelphia's acolytes of multi-dimensional, slumber-fuzz travel, takes another toad-secreted High Mass communion, and spirits off on a numb-rock excursion to out-there. A satisfyingly repetitive, slow-fuck voyage to God."

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