Lapsed LP/CD

The thick psychedelic guitar distortion of Bardo Pond saws and tugs at an aural Tar Baby. Each sound gets stuck to the next. And on "Tommy Gun Angel", the singer Isobel doesn't transcend the mess but, with her ensnaring alto, she treads cautiously between the briars.The music on this track catches itself continuously on the crest of a wave and Isobel rides it bravely. But sometimes, amidst the heaviness, she seems so much smaller than the big gristly noise. And the structure of some songs, like "Flux", and "Anand" gets lost in the enthralling sound. Bardo Pond are often more compelling in sound than in structure, but in their pursuit of raw emotion, the simplest string of notes can sometimes approach close to a truth.


[This review originally appeared in issue #3 of the WHUS-FM zine. Reprinted without permission.]

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