various artists — The Nature of Systems CD

various artists — The Nature of Systems (front cover)

Released by Carbon Records (CR25) in July 2000.

  1. The Arthur Doyle Electro-Acoustic Ensemble – "Flue Song"
  2. Andy Gilmore – "She's Settin' Her Ass in a Butter Tub"
  3. Charalambides – "Mansfield Dam"
  4. Finkbeiner – "Yes, It Can"
  5. The Golden Calves Eskimo Lime Band – "Hostel Song"
  6. The Flying Luttenbachers – "Maximum Cruelty"
  7. Burlap – "Coming Home"
  8. Pelt – "The Dream of Leaping Sharks"
  9. Joe+N – "Types of Interference"
  10. Loren Mazzacane Connors – "I've Had Trouble, I've Had Joy"
  11. Nod – "John Henry vs. the Smog Monster"
  12. Mick Turner – "Carny's Dance"
  13. Sheet – "Quick Stomach"
  14. SQ – "After Being _______ for So Long..."
  15. Bardo Pond – "Vagabond"
  16. Karl Precoda/Mike Gangloff – "Metal Shop"
  17. Pengo – "New Loft Elevation 2001"

Bardo's contribution to this very strong compilation is quite wild. Don't hesitate on this one for not only is the Bardo song great, but the Pelt, Loren Mazzacane Connors and Karl Precoda/Mike Gangloff also rise to the top with many others. Good stuff. Can be ordered directly for cheap from Carbon Records.