Third Troll — Pharmacognosy CDR

Third Troll — Pharmacognosy

Self-released in December 2001.

  1. Argo
  2. Inky Cap
  3. Katzenjammer
  4. Infrundibulum
  5. LLAP-Goch

Pharmacognosy is the second disc by Third Troll, released in a CDR fashion by the band in the same fashion as their first disc. Much more of the same as the first record unleashed on the world, except this time around things are a little calmer. Noise skronk to the Nth degree.

Isobel Sollenberger: violin, voice, flute; John Gibbons: guitar, percussion, synth; Michael Gibbons: synth, guitar, zeetar; Kevin Moist: sax, electronics, voice