Providence — 27.4.97 10″ EP/CD EP

Providence 10" EP (front cover)
Providence CD EP (front cover)

Released on vinyl by Earworm Records (worm10) and on CD by Little Army (LA-006) in February 1998.

  1.  [6:42]
  2.  [11:00]

An amazing journey into the realms of improvisational and experimental white noise. Recorded on April 27, 1997, at the first Terrastock Festival in Providence, RI, this EP is a live recording of an all-star jam session featuring several modern drone guitar heroes. The first cut features Dave Pearce (Flying Saucer Attack), Carl Hultgren (Windy & Carl), Jason Knight (The Azusa Plane), and Jason DiEmilio (The Azusa Plane). The second cut, a rolling and abusive 11 minute drone odyssey, features the same four heartily supplemented by Michael and John Gibbons. Both of these tracks are well worth tracking down for fans of the Pond or any of the projects the other men are involved in.