various artists — A Pot By Any Other Name… CD

various artists — A Pot By Any Other Name... (CD cover)
Ptolemaic Terrascope #30 (magazine cover)

Released by Ptolemaic Terrascope (POT-30) in June 2001. The CD was included with issue #30 of Ptolemaic Terrascope magazine.

  1. The Lucky Bishops – "Time of the Season"
  2. The Soft Boys – "Insanely Jealous"
  3. Donovan's Brain – "22 Lost Marbles"
  4. Vashti Bunyan – "17 Pink Sugar Elephants"
  5. Gadsby & Skol – "Fools Like You"
  6. The Sandpebbles – "The Big V"
  7. Warser Gate – "Faces Blunt"
  8. Quicksilver Messenger Service – "The Fool"
  9. Bardo Pond – "Another Place"
  10. Tony Hill – "Naked Ape"
  11. Thuja – "The Jewelled Antler"
  12. thebrotheregg – "Negative Space"
  13. Subarachnoid Space – "Delayed Gratification"

The Bardo inclusion on this compilation is a tasty 11 minute outtake from the Dilate sessions. If the album left you wanting more, this is the place to go to help stretch that feeling out. Issue #30 of the Terrascope also features the first part (of two) of a great Bardo interview. Get to it!