Hash Jar Tempo — Under Glass CD

Hash Jar Tempo — Under Glass (front cover)

Released by Drunken Fish Records (DFR-44) in March 1999.

  1. Präludium und Fuge. D-Moll
  2. Labiomancy
  3. Sources in Cleveland
  4. Hymenoptera in Amber Crybaby
  5. Atropine
  6. In the Cells of Walken's Corti
  7. Gravitational Lens Opera

Collaboration between Bardo Pond and Roy Montgomery, recorded in a single night on 27 April 1998 at the Lemur House Studio in Philadelphia. Rich with a sound that is almost completely unlike Well Oiled, this album represents a true hour of bliss. Unlike the first Hash Jar Tempo record, this session featured all of the members of Bardo Pond. If you don't own this already quit wasting your time and immediately pick this one up.