Vol. 6 CDR

Vol. 6 (front cover)

Self-released in August 2005.

  1. Fulcanelli
  2. Absolute Elsewhere
  3. Sweet Sapphire I
  4. Bailing Out the Failure of Government
  5. Circle
  6. Octopi

This disc is the sixth in the band’s series of limited-edition releases showcasing jam sessions and other miscellany. The material here was recorded in the Lemur House between January 2004 and March of 2005. There’s a great variety to the music on this disc. “Sweet Sapphire I” is an intricate mid-length rocker that the band was originally working on for inclusion on 2003’s On The Ellipse. “Octopi” sees a branching into the realm of focused experimentalism. Copies are currently available through this site.