“You Know” 7″ single

"You Know" single (black vinyl)
"You Know" single (marbled vinyl)

Self-released in 1996. Limited edition of 400 copies — half on multi-colored marbled vinyl, the other half on black vinyl.

Side A
  1. You Know [part one]
Side B
  1. You Know [part two]

A self released single, created for the opening of a Philadelphia art gallery and later sold on tour. 200 copies were included in You Talkin' to Me?, a collection of 3 European and 3 Philadelphia artists which was issued by the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia. 400 copies were pressed altoghether, 200 on black vinyl and 200 on multi-colored marbled vinyl. This 7" is one track, stretched over both sides of the release. The copies of the single that were sold separately from the publication came with plain white sleeves devoid of any artwork. If you have never heard this song, get off your ass and track a copy of this 7" down. It will blow you away. Hot stuff.