Nov 15 Brooklyn

Posted by jim on 11/10/2008 3:01 pm

Saturday, November 15
Outpost with projections by Stephanie Wuertz

+ Alasehir (Michael Gibbons, John Gibbons, and Jason Kourkounis, otherwise known as three-fifths of Bardo Pond)

Outpost is the new group formed this past summer in NYC with Mark C, Stuart Argabright, Alice Cohen with percussionist Rami El Aaser. Mark, Stuart and Alice have been innovating, improvising and releasing music for decades, and over the course of a few NYC music scenes - now come together to launch their own unique sound.

Mark C is a New York City based musician and photographer. He is a founding member of the post punk bands Live Skull and Spoiler. Live Skull toured the U.S. and Europe and released four albums and several eps. Spoiler released crashpad on PCP records. He sings and plays guitar and synths in outpost and int'l shades. Intl shades first release hash wednesday is available on Cass records. Their second album luv & terror will be released in December on Gifted Children Records. Intl shades have performed at such venues as CBGB's, Tonic, Bowery Ballroom and the Mercury lounge. His solo project, redfield features electronic based music often accompanied by his multi-projector slide show, Return to the Underground City of the Mind Screwers. Redfield has performed at the Kitchen, Roulette's Mixology at the Perfoming Garage, at Chasma's "Theatre 135," and at the Collective Unconscious. Redfield has also collaborated with Zeena Parkins in New York and Europe. Redfield has been a regular participant in David Linton's Unity Gain.

Mark C's summer snow will be included on the Harvestworks surround sound DVD Nowthenafter, curated by Stuart Argabright.

Stuart Argabright ; Producer, music maker.
Since arriving in NYC early '78 , he has founded the groups The Futants, Ike Yard, Dominatrix and Death Comet Crew as well as The Voodooists project, black rain and currently, Dystopians ;


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