new album

Posted by Mark in Berkeley on 12/7/2010 12:27 am

The new album is jaw dropping. Oh my god folks...WTF? I envy people of talent.....Wish I did not have to work dammit....This is a rich and deep album everyone....Very warm and beautiful. It flows. Very listenable and more acceesible than past albmums.....not as expriemental but equally as intense and bracing and still challenging to absorb due to the immense landscapes and complex textures. The recording quality is excellent.... Some epic tracks that remind me of Circuit VIII. Towards the end I felt this to be a true rock opera style album. Do you realize what you have made people? This is a rock opera of the highest artistic grade. Please someone....make a film out of this....This is soundtrack for a great flick.

Isobel we love you! We hereby make you a Goddess .....Fucking most amazing band ever. The pond took many of the songs off into subgenres I never thought you digged enough to explore....but you dived into those waters briefly like they were just some childs kiddie pool with a mini diving board to spring off more heavy psych porn drone sludge groove into the funnel... My utmost respect to all of you.


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