Posted by Ovy on 5/17/2012 12:32 am

First up I love Discography, it has made my life so much easier and thank you for haivng the brains to think it up for us.Currently though I do not feel that the plugin best suits my needs, although I'm sure plenty of others do not have this problem.Basically my catalog consists of a lot of duplicate songs on different releases, however they are often different versions of the same track. So say if I have a single which includes an acoustic, instrumental, remix, live version, radio edit all of the same song, I find myself doing a lot of duplication interms of the song page details. I find myself copying + pasting lyrics, composers, recording artist etc etc. So for me it would be fantastic if Discography supported multiple versions of a track.I would love it if all versions would link up to one global song page, containing all the global song information. Also then listing all the different versions that exist of the track (with audio preview for each). And then also a free type field for each version where we can include specific credits for each like additional production' or recorded live at..' etc. pie-in-the-sky i know, but you asked for it.The other thing that would be cool is if there were some level of formatting controlled via the plugin. Perhaps there could be a couple of preset styles / formats that we can then either use as is or go in and edit ourselves. Different ways of grouping releases. Perhaps seperate pages for EPs and Full albums. This is probably all possible now, but the more formatting handled via the plugin the better


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