Posted by Tyler on 5/19/2012 12:39 am

This is great! We are actually a coimnumty theatre group but this plugin will really help.There is one feature that would be awesome! The ability to choose multi dates and times for an event.For example, we do shows Monday, Thurs, and Sat. On the event entry screen we could select a START DATE and an END DATE for the event. Then, on submit, we're shown another option (or, before submit w/ AJAX) to set the DAYS and TIMES within the event period. So, for example if a even is set for DEC 12 DEC 16 they could select which days exactly and set a time for each day. So, on the screen are the dates with checkboxes(*) FRIDAY DEC 12 TIME: 8:00 (PM)(*) SATURDAY DEC 13 TIME: 8:00 (PM)( ) SUNDAY DEC 14 TIME: 8:00 (PM)( ) MONDAY DEC 15 TIME: 8:800 (PM)(*) TUESDAY DEC 16 TIME: 6:600 (PM)So, this event would be posted 3x. For Dec 12 @ 8PM, Dec 13 @ 8PM, and Dec 16 @ 8PM.Once posted they can act individually. So really the change is just in creating multiple event entries for a single event .Is this possible?


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