Posted by Maricela on 9/28/2012 7:20 pm

You question is too huge there are a lot of maiecdl professions.The shortest (less than 1 year training) are things like CNA, MA, phlebotomist and the technician jobs like pharm tech, lab technician the assistant jobs (physical therapy assistant etc); then a associates RN; the the 1-2 years after a bachelors: occupational therapy, lab technologist, physical therapy, respiratory therapy, xray, MRI, CT sonogram techs etc; then the masters levels (physician assistants, nurse practitioners etc); last are the MD/PhD levels (pharmacists, all MDs, psychologists, etc).The schooling undergrad goes : 2 years associates, 4 years bachelors (these must be the pre-health ); masters is 2 years; med school is 4 years; residency is 3 to 10 years.If you start googling health careers, looking at want adds, etc you will see many listed.


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