TLR 004-011: purposeful availment CD subscription series

TLR 004-011: purposeful availment

out of print

eight CD EPs by eight artists released 2002–2003, available by subscription only. if you didn’t subscribe way back when, you’re out of luck. each subscriber receives a copy of each individually slipcased CD as it becomes available, along with a handsome case (pictured at left) hand-silkscreened by artist casey burns to house the entire collection.

3/13/2005 SUBSCRIBER UPDATE—all of the cds and various parts for this disc arrived a day or two ago and we have been busy bees here at three lobed headquarters stuffing these into envelopes for mailing. look for all copies to be out of our hands and on the way to subscribers no later than this friday (march 18). thanks for hanging out with us during the process and for subscribing to the series. enjoy!

4/24/2005 SUBSCRIBER UPDATE—while we have mailed all of the discs out to subscribers from the last installment of the series, due to the delay we have received several envelopes returned to us marked as "undeliverable - address unknown." if you are a subscriber to the series and still haven't seen your rachel's disc, please drop us a line. thanks!

the discs

the CDs below were available to subscribers only, although each of the artists was given a small supply. some of them may have individual copies for sale. otherwise, your best bet is probably ebay.

updated 27 march 2013