welcome to three lobed recordings.

october 16 will see the release of the singular guitar album long time underground by tom carter. this double LP is a high water mark within the genre and a single-take statement. pre-orders are currently open.

our record store day title - the hagerty-toth band's qalgebra - came out on april 18 at your favorite local record store. if you missed it we still have a few copies here at the site. may 19 saw the release of the stellar new studio album from daniel bachman titled - river. the bachman title is available for order on LP, CD and digital - click through here for more information.

we are proud to announce parallelogram, a 5 LP collection featuring new music from (in alphabetical order): bardo pond, [alan] bishop - orcutt - corsano trio, michael chapman, steve gunn, hiss golden messenger, thurston moore & john moloney: caught on tape; six organs of admittance, william tyler, kurt vile, and yo la tengo. yep, you read all of that right. we are exceptionally excited about these LPs and can't wait for folks to check out everyone's amazing contributions. parallelogram will be out in late november / early december of this year. pre-orders are available here.

due to popular demand steve gunn's classic boerum palace and the greasy psych nugget golden gunn are both now back in print. the current pressing of boerum palace is on blue vinyl and the current pressing of golden gunn is on silver. to order either of these LPs, follow through from the links above.

on the navigation bar to your left you will find a link to a compendium of tour dates from some of the various friends of three lobed. if they're in your area, please check out a show!

feel free to write to info@threelobed.com if you want more information about about any of our upcoming releases. we are also available via snail mail at:

three lobed recordings
p.o. box 2345
jamestown, nc 27282

three lobed recordings does have an email update list. subscribers get infrequent messages about upcoming releases and, just sometimes, special offers. email us if you would like to be added to the list.

we can be found on twitter as @3lobed.

if you are interested, there is a three lobed recordings group page on facebook.

are you retail? well, three lobed recordings are distributed exclusively in north america by thrill jockey records. located elsewhere? we are distributed in most of europe by southern. if you are somewhere else get in touch as we are happy to deal direct.

updated 26 september 2015