welcome to three lobed recordings.

july 10,2020 will see the release of music for walks, the debut album from silver scrolls. silver scrolls is a DC/NC duo consisting of dave brylawski (polvo, idyll swords, black taj) and brian quast (polvo 2.0, vanilla trainwreck, the BQs, the cherry valence, etc.) and their craft in trade is rock. what kind of rock? well, music for walks is an amalgamation of psych rock, 90s indie rock, math rock, classic rock and prog rock that spins all of of these ideas down into two side-long suites. heady and refined, the perfect soundtrack for your urban(e?) walks or your nature walks. be prepared. released on LP and digital, this one is open for pre-orders for delivery in advance of the street date. while supplies lasts LP orders include sharp and stylish silver scrolls logo buttons to help demonstrate your true allegiance to the world.

look out! october 12, 2019 signalled the release of wet tuna's water weird. this is the second album - and first for three lobed - by this duo consisting of matt "MV" valentine and pat "pg six" gubler. whether you have been riding with these guys since the days of tower recordings, a hardcore fan of MV&EE, or just got on recently, you are in luck - the tuna present music for all people in all stations of life. water weird presents six new tuna jams, all ready to expand your headspace. released on LP and digital, this one is ready for order/immediate shipment now.

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updated 6 may 2020