welcome to three lobed recordings.

march of 2014 sees three new titles - piedmont apocrypha, the new studio album from the genre-spanning horseback and two new bardo pond titles, refulgo (a collection of the band's oldest and long out of print singles and compilation tracks) and shone like a ton (the first "real" release ever of one of the band's original self-released cassettes from 1992). click through for more information on pre-ordering any or all of these titles.

we have been drawn to solo guitar albums the last few years - jack rose, steve gunn, eight trails, one path, etc. chuck johnson's crows in the basilica is our latest release from that lineage and it is worthy of as much attention as every one of our guitar albums to precede it. this one is out now and available for immediate shipment.  everyone who has checked it out loves it. please check it out and join the rank of the lovers. 

our final two 2013 titles - danny paul grody's between two worlds and a self-titled effort from wooden wand & the world war IV - are now out and about in the wild.  these have been making fans right and left - shouldn't you be one, too? we are exceptionally excited about both of these exceptionally exciting albums.

due to populer demand steve gunn's classic boerum palace is now back in print. if you know steve, you know he loves purple. for that reason, it makes total sense that this pressing is on purple vinyl. to order the LP, follow this link.

our first release of 2013 is the latest studio LP from matt valentine and erika elder, fuzzweed. this new LP is a spiritual sibling to the very popular country stash album - get ready for it to be in your heavy rotation. click right here for more information about this title.

folks (including pitchfork) have been very excited about the exceptional studio debut from glacial (lee ranaldo, david watson and tony buck) titled on jones beach. this project has been a long-running live exercise between these players and this album documents how their chemistry is transportive and unlike anything else going. if you are into modern experimental music you simply *must* check this one out. this one can be ordered from this link.

we are truly saddened by the passing of our friend jack rose. jack was a warm, caring person and was always a pleasure to be around. his larger than life spirit will truly, truly be missed even moreso than his inspired musical ability. our deepest sorrow goes out to his wife, laurie. we loved jack and recently curated an all-star download-only tribute to jack's work titled honest strings: a tribute to the life and work of jack rose. it is a bargain at $15 (with all proceeds going to jack's estate) and can be downloaded exclusively from FINA.

we have a lot of titles available digitally these days. cruise over here for a full listing of titles and locations where you can find the titles for sale (bandcamp, itunes, amazon, fina, emusic and about everything else you would expect).

on the navigation bar to your left you will find a link to a compendium of tour dates from some of the various friends of three lobed. if they're in your area, please check out a show!

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updated 29 november 2014