live performances, far and wide

below you will find a semi-comprehensive listing of upcoming tour dates from lots of artists close to the three lobed heart. if anyone is coming to a venue near you, cruise on out and party. we're talking about nothing but good people here, folks.

what is listed here is all we know about these dates. some may appear semi-incomplete. if you have questions about the shows please contact the venues themselves directly. thanks!

if you are in the area, please come on out on september 9 to the latest incarnation of the three lobed / wxdu hopscotch day show. we are all jazzed about this year's version. as always, we are at kings in raleigh NC. join us from 11:45 (doors) through around 6pm for this free show or, if you can't come out in person, via the wxdu live stream of the performances. the day is as follows:

for more information please follow this link. hope you can join us!

daniel bachman

bardo pond (including side projects)

tom carter (solo, etc.)

hans chew


danny paul grody

steve gunn

gunn - truscinski duo

horseback / jenks miller

chuck johnson

magik markers

six organs of admittance

sunburned hand of the man

wooden wand / james toth

matt valentine & erika elder

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