TLR 080: not the spaces you know, but between them 4xLP box set

TLR 080: not the spaces you know, but between them

released 16 august 2011.

SHIPPING UPDATE - *all* sets ordered have shipped as of august 24. *all* sets with bonus material hit the mail on august 24. keep your eyes open!

early in 2000, three lobed recordings was born out of the notion that there needed to be a 10" EP included within bardo pond's discography. late in 2009, with the label's looming tenth anniversary on the horizon, we (and in this case "we" means one human and three feline assistants) decided that it was time to take the curatorial enjoyment that resulted in our three multi-disc subscription CD series (purposeful availment, modern containment and oscillation III)and transfer that spirit over to the vinyl format. rather than do this as a series, we decided it would be a lot more fun, efficient, and economical to put the project out as a one-shot box set. from that notion we assembled a dream-team lineup of artists who were also interested in helping assemble this project.

think back to the wonder the first time you were sucked into the epic sprawl of such seminal collections as harmony of the spheres and by the fruits you shall know the roots. it's been several years since one one of these time capsules has been created to document the various phases, shapes and sizes of the modern underground psychedelic scene - we want this box to help fill that void. much like how various label predecessors have shaped their epic compilations into lovingly assembled and presented artifacts, the three lobed vision of not the spaces you know, but between them is bold and brash. we want this set to both stand as the single coolest title within the three lobed catalog and also be a device to help introduce some new listeners to the various ways psychedelic music is presented in 2011.

not the spaces you know, but between themwill be a pretty lush package. the whole thing will start with a plush, heavy stoughton lid box which will be filled with: (1) four vinyl albums pressed on 140 dutch vinyl; (2) four different printed inner sleeves each bearing different artwork; (3) a big foldover insert with an extensive liner note essay from marc masters (the wire, pitchfork); (4) audio mastering by patrick klem (with scott colburn having mastered the sun city girls side) and (5) a download card for mp3s of the set. all aspects of the entire set will feature swanky custom artwork by three lobed's old friend, the super-talented casey burns. we are so stoked to think about being able to have this one in our hands and paws.

as for the music, well, it's hard to put into words just how fantastic a collection of tunes this set happens to be. here are details on what everyone has submitted:

only around 700 sets will be available for sale (combined through mailorder, retail and our kickstarter program) after compensating all of the involved talent. of these 700 sets, approximately 350 were made available exclusively through direct mail order from three lobed with an extra 7" (a split between hush arbors and key demo bearing art and design from casey burns that match the look/feel of the box set as a whole) and CD (a full-length release from a "mystery artist" who has been involved with multiple prior three lobed releases). this 7" and CD combo is sold out.

we have done everything in our power to keep the price on this set as low as possible while also appropriately compensating the artists and covering manufacturing costs. this said, we understand that the set is not exactly "cheap," especially in these screwy economic times. as such we are offering an option by which you can order the set and pay for it over two payments. look towards the bottom of this page for more information.

due to a laundry list of complicating factors there are no plans to release this set on CD or through any other digital outlet. vinyl only - as it should be!

updated 17 september 2011