TLR 020-027, 029: modern containment CD series

TLR 020-027, 029: modern containment

released between mid-june and mid-november 2006. as of august 31, 2008 there are 40 remaining complete sets available. you will receive all eight discs in the series plus the bonus disc (TLR-029) regardless of what date you purchase the set.  

out of print.

along the lines of our prior subscription CD EP series, purposeful availment, we are pround to announce a new series based around the same model. modern containment consists of eight CDs by eight different artists which were released over the course of 2006. these discs are available through three lobed recordings only as a complete set. there is also a bonus disc (TLR-029). the contributors to modern containment are (in alphabetical order):

each CD is at least 25 minutes long (or longer in most cases) and features new, exclusive material from that particular artist. each disc is only available through the purchase of a complete set or directly from the contributing band. these discs will *not* be available through distributors or sold individually by three lobed (except for a small portion of individual copies of TLR-029). similar to purposeful availment, there will also be a hand silkscreened slipcase to house the series featuring new artwork from john gibbons of bardo pond.

as for availability, only a strictly limited number of 550 sets will be available from three lobed recordings. cost per set is $75 postpaid for domestic sales (and $85 postpaid for international sales).

while we think the lineup of fantastic artists speaks for itself, we promise to do all we can to make this series worthwhile.

updated 1 july 2009