TLR 015: davenport — rabbit's foot propeller CD

TLR 015: davenport — rabbit's foot propeller


released 1 september 2005. the extended Davenport family has been producing their unique flavor of free-form and exultant improvisational folk since 2001. operating out of madison, wisconsin, their music has taken on an open joviality that reflects both the spirit of their hometown and the natural world that resides just outside its borders. respectful and observant of all things natural, davenport has focused on their organic sound over a long string of CDR and cassette releases for a number of different labels. rabbit's foot propeller is simultaneously a natural extension of their prior work and a confident step into a new and different direction. taken as a whole or as its component tracks, the album is a solid continuation of the davenport aim to bring light into all dark corners.

rabbit's foot propeller is all about the juxtaposition of varying sounds and musical textures against one another. over the course of the album's thirteen tracks the listener is presented with numerous playful improvisations, tones generated from various instruments and lilting melodies (both guitar and vocal). unconventionally captured to tape by the band through the use of a handheld recording device lacking an erase head, the recordings allowed for an infinite amount of overdubs confined only by the fact that it was impossible to simultaneously monitor all of the previously recorded progress. this technique allowed for a high degree of experimentation with results that range from pensive and calm to miniature folk masterpieces.

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