TLR 043: bardo pond batholith LP

TLR 043: bardo pond

out of print.

available as a digital download from FINA Download Store (click logo for direct link).

released early march 2008. batholith is a collection of six tracks that are near and dear to bardo pond but, for some reason or another, have never previously been released. that one-sentence description might lead one to think that these tracks are "outtakes" or cutting-room floor type material - neither conclusion could be further from the truth. the tracks included on batholith range from previous live staples ("a tune," one made 'famous' by opening bardo's set at terrastock II in san francisco as joined by roy montgomery [and a recording of which was featured on the KFJC compilation live from the devil's triangle, volume 2]) to tracks the band recorded in john peel sessions ("slip away", also available here as a downloadable .mp3 preview). collected as a whole, these tracks form a fluid and cohesive album. batholith is not just an exciting moment for long time bardo pond fans, but a great jumping on point for folks who are relatively new to their craft.

as per the three lobed standard, batholith is pressed on 180g RTI vinyl. it is housed within heavy "old-style" one-pocket stoughton gatefold jackets bearing new artwork by john gibbons and isobel sollenberger. the record is from an edition of 1049 copies and, and as an added convenience for our vinyl friends, will come packaged with a glass-mastered CD (not CD-R) of the material present on the wax. pre-ordered copies were accompanied by a bonus CD (TLR-044) of previously unreleased bardo pond material.

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