TLR 056: heavy winged blacc lust CD

TLR 056: heavy winged

out of print.

available as a digital download from FINA Download Store (click logo for direct link).

released august 14, 2007. this gang of power-driving rock really have their flavor of overdriven high rise-style proto-metal-psych noise down flat. blacc lust reissues two long out-of-print parts of the band's discography that were originally released in tiny CD-R micro editions (a serpent's lust from an edition of 100 on digitalis, and blacc stork from an edition of 50 on students of decay). a little over an hour of good, heavy times. from a one-time pressing of 500 hand-numbered copies housed within arigato! paks bearing original artwork by beverly shana palmer.

iä! shub-niggurath!