TLR 057: enos slaughter béisbol LP

TLR 057: enos slaughter


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released 7 april 2008.

miracle blend of spring : dirt stains from psiring

the raised cleats are flying one finger width away from eyes

shadow realm of legends - the winter refuge for vacationers and practitioners who swing the subtle club

the revolutionary's reign is unbowed

Walt Dropo answered the challenge and threw our namesake to the ground

and tore the threads from his brain - rebaste the cranial pan before swallowing

intoned in reverence - 3 sides 9 songs 4 walls 3 members 2 halves 1 inning

at last the wretch has birthed a grass laden vision; day and night for half the year


béisbol is a three sided LP by enos slaughter. the brainchild of david shuford (no neck blues band, d. charles speer and the helix), marc orleans (sunburned hand of the man, d. charles speer and the helix) and carter thornton (izititiz, zashiki warashi), béisbol is a full-fledged continuation of the musical ideals that the band has previously set forth within on sunday, saloth sar and on the shores of jupiter. click here for a downloadable preview, "the kingdom of oscar charleston."

as per the three lobed standard, béisbol is pressed on 180g RTI vinyl. it is housed within an appropriately themed jackets designed by the band and a two-sided full color photo insert. the record is from an edition of 679 copies and, and as an added convenience for our vinyl friends, will come packaged with a glass-mastered CD (not CD-R) of the material present on the wax.

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