TLR 098: mv + ee — fantasy set CD

TLR 098: mv + ee — fantasy set

CD released february 19, 2013 in a limited edition of approximately 575 copies. out of print.

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matt valentine assembled a "fantasy" collection of material recorded during MV&EE's january 2011 residency at brooklyn's zebulon. joined by many guests and tearing through a ton of classics, this one indeed lives up to its title. guests include willie lane, ron "rongoose" schneiderman, jeremy "woodsist" earl, carson "smokehound" arnold, matt "herbcraft" lajoie, jarvis taveniere and pat "p.g. six" subler. essential listening for the heroine-minded MVEE fan. copies were included in the first 575 pre-ordered and/or retail copies of fuzzweed.

iä! shub-niggurath!