TLR 103: jenks miller | james toth roads to ruin LP + download

TLR 103: jenks miller | james toth - roads to ruin

LP released april 19, 2014 in a limited edition of 864 copies. out of print.

available for streaming or as a direct digital download from bandcamp.

jenks "horseback, mount moriah" miller and james "wooden wand" toth share a lot of the same musical influences in addition to being two of the most unique voices in underground music over the past decade. every release from these gentlemen individually shares DNA with what came before but always takes the listener on an exciting new twist. both miller and toth greatly admire the work of the other and ecstatically wanted to share a record where they could combine their own material into a cohesive whole. each of men have contributed their own full side to this 36 minute LP consisting of new material recorded in 2013 specifically for this release. this split LP is essential for fans of horseback, mount moriah, wooden wand, heavy/dark tunes and outsider rock.

roads to ruin is from an edition of 864 copies and is pressed on 140 gram dutch vinyl by record industry. the album is housed within a full color gatefold sleeve. the album is accompanied by a download coupon for DRM-free digital files of the downloader's choice. visit the bandcamp site for this album for streaming/download.

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