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june 28 will see the release by the danny paul grody duo of arc of night, a sister album to 2023's arc of day, arc of night is a electric affair where danny paul grody (guitar) and rich douthit (drums, percussion) express the opportunities and ominous tones that exist within the evening. gorgeous and contemplative, this is seriously moving material. click through on this link to read more about this album. arc of night will be pressed to 160g vinyl by smashed plastic, includes a bandcamp coupon and is available for pre-order.

sunburned hand of the man is an ever rolling enigma, a machine fine-tuned and prepared at all times to astound, amaze and surprise. nimbus, is the band's latest high-impact studio release and it features a huge cast from the extended historic and present sunburned orbits. ALWAYS DIFFERENT, ALWAYS THE SAME. click through on this link to read an extensive essay on this album. nimbus will be pressed to 160g vinyl by smashed plastic, includes a bandcamp coupon and is available for pre-order.

daniel bachman has never been content to remain in any single artistic location for long. when the roses come again is his latest re-imagining of what a traditional album can look like in current times. once again, he has pushed the medium forward with an amazing collection of compositions. click through on this link to read jerry david decicca's essay on this phenomenal work, how it was assembled and what it means to bachman. when the roses come again will be pressed to 140g vinyl by furnace, includes a bandcamp coupon and is available for pre-order.

steve gunn. john truscinski. bill nace. three names that need no introduction to denizens of the underground or those to follow the output of this label. glass band is a studio album presenting these three gentlemen working in tandem to, hyperbole aside, create a new sound. all of the players are completely sympatico and the output is like nothing else going. click through on this link to read a great essay on this album by matt krefting which does an amazing job of describing how this LP works. this one is something else. glass band will be pressed to 160g vinyl by smashed plastic along with a 7" pressed by third man, includes a bandcamp coupon and is available for pre-order for delivery in advance of its july 28 street date.

june 16 will see the release of danny paul grody's arc of day. danny paul grody has a way with guitar that is singular. his circling, looping phrases hypnotize and pull you the listener into a deep, satisfying spell. arc of day is danny's first album for three lobed since 2013's between two worlds and his first completely studio-based solo album. but it is also more than that - it is less of a solo album per se as the album is full of collaborations and explorations will collaborators like rich douthit, chuck johnson, trevor montgomery and jonathan sielaff. it is a one of a kind album that will end up being in heavy rotation for you, believe us. arc of day will be pressed to 180g vinyl by gold rush, includes a bandcamp coupon and is available for pre-order.

february 3 saw the first widely-released version of bardo pond's no hashish, no change money, no saki saki in recognition of the album's 30th anniversary. bardo pond was still a new matter in 1993 when the band assembled the material present on no hashish, no change money, no saki saki partially as a document of what the nascent band was up to but also for them to use in booking shows in/around philadelphia. the band would go on to chart a lifer career with a unique brand of psych rock but in 1993 they were a quartet trying to find their way through the world. no hashish, no change money, no saki saki presents us with a sort of time machine to live with the band as they existed three decades ago but shows us how they have always had the "bardo sound". this material has never been widely released in physical or digital formats and has been remastered from the original source by carl saff for this gatefold LP edition. no hashish, no change money, no saki saki is pressed to 140g 2x vinyl by furnace manufacturing, includes a bandcamp coupon and will ship in january 2023 and is available to order now.

november 18 saw the release of daniel bachman's stunning new almanac behind. the album's title is both an anagram of bachman's name and a reference to the fact that rapid environmental changes have rendered traditional weather forecasting methods woefully unable to accurately predict our future. despite such a heady conceit, the album makes for a warm and inviting experience, one that pulls you in on first spin and invites immersive listening. Building upon the techniques used extensively on 2021's axacan, his groundbreaking recontextualization of what makes a modern guitar and/or folk record, bachman has assembled almanac behind as a moving and singular audio statement on mankind's current environmental predicament. this is truly unlike anything else out there and is essential listening. almanac behind is available for pre-order now for delivery in november 2022 (CD) and january 2023 (LP).

on october 28 we have the great privlege of bringing sunburned hand of the man's landmark headdress back to shelves for its 20th anniversary. not only are we bringing it back but it has never sounded better with a special new master created by carl saff from the release's original audio. i'll muffle it so i'll borrow a bit here from matt krefting's superb boots on the ground / "i was there" essay about this LP: "the needle hits the groove and it roars in out of nowhere, an affirmative "OH YEAH" heralding its arrival. the tracks bleed into one another, and the stylistic shifts in the edits can be sudden, but there's a magic in the editing that mirrors the magic of seeing a live [sunburned] set. it coheres and evaporates at its own pace. elements emerge, converge, diverge, divulge, and obscure. a riff might erupt, daring the rest of the swarm to hang on it, to join it, or to swirl it. the vocals are summoned sermons, by turns muffled and clear." if you're worried if headdress will fit you, don't fret as it truly is one size fits all. headdress is available now for pre-order for delivery in advance of street date.

august 19 sees the release of eli winter, winter's third solo album. eli winter lives up to the promise inherent within the mere concept of an eponymous album - a statement, a reinvention. playing older than his 25 years, winter has long demonstrated mastery over solo guitar composition and performance. eli winter takes those prior demonstrations and kicks the aspect ratio to full widescreen with a full vistavision palette. say hello to winter as composer and bandleader. over the course of six well assembled tracks winter is joined by the steady anchor of tyler damon (drums), cameron knowler (electric and acoustic guitars) and sam wagster (pedal steel) as well as guest turns from ryley walker, yasmin williams, jaimie branch, david grubbs, jordan reyes and many more. this record is pretty special. eli winter is available for pre-order now on LP or digital for delivery in advance of the album's release date.

on may 20 we released mary lattimore & paul sukeena's west kensington. this is their first release today despite knowing each other for quite some time. equal parts contemplative and transporting, lattimore's harp and synths operate in tandem with the guitars and mellotron of sukeena (a frequent collaborator with both steve gunn and angel olsen and member of spacin') to create miniature universes. a natural extension of lattimore's body of solo work and sukeena's secret weapon status, perfect to mentally file alongside the meditative work of alice coltrane and the expansive explorations of brian eno. west kensington is available on LP and via digital.

on april 8 we made it so you can pack your pipe with wet tuna's warping all by yourself. as i'm sure you know, tuna specializes in homegrown, dubwise psychedelia pivoting on the edge of chaos and funk. is wet tuna the venn nexus of crazy horse playing funkadelic? or funkadelic playing crazy horse? the beauty is in the central staring eye of the beholder. warping all by yourself is wet tuna's latest reconceptualization of the notion of a "jam band" while staying effectively genreless. warping all by yourself is available for order now on black vinyl or digital.

march 18 saw the release of sonic youth's in/out/in. a sonic youth album in 2022? yep, you read that correct. this is a sort of cousin to both the destroyed room and the SYR series in that it consists of primarily instrumental tracks that were cosmically meant to live together. calling out such hallowed tracts is not an act that is taken lightly. in/out/in takes the two tracks from our 2011 box set and couples them with three additional like-minded cuts from the band's 2000-2010 phase, all never previously released physically. there's something here for every flavor of SY head. taken individually or as a whole, the band's unmistakable voice shines. sonic youth's in/out/in is available for order now.

on november 19 we had the privilege of helping introduce you all to the self-titled debut album from body/dilloway/head. this album is a serious and apt soundtrack for our times - confusion reigns across the album's duration but the chaos is so cohesively focused. the album came about once bill nace and kim gordon handed over body/head studio sessions to aaron dilloway for manipulation and treatment in the dilloway house style. the end result sounds like dilloway processing body/head at one moment but then body/head covering dilloway stylistically the next. on body/dilloway/head they all become one. these are sounds out of time, sounds out of place, sounds like nothing else. when it comes to body/dilloway/head, words quite simply fail, a result that is totally fine when this album has so much to say. body/dilloway/head is available for order now.

october 29 saw the release of reticence/resistance from the legendary pelt. with over two decades of fandom under the TLR belt, we can safely say that pelt is one of those acts that will emerge from the shadows when you need their services the most. they are always watching, always ready. our chaotic present offers a situation that is almost tailor-made for a pelt intervention, especially given that nine years have passed since their last widely released statement, "effigy". a previously-unannounced installment in three lobed's 20th anniversary series, this new album was recorded live by the band's current quartet configuration (patrick best, nathan bowles, mikel dimmick, mike gangloff) over two nights at london's cafe oto in 2017. as true heads know, live pelt is the band at their most revelatory, their most magickal. consistent with the band's modus operandi, reticence/resistance was performed on entirely acoustic instruments and lives at the intersection of folk, drone and experimental traditions. it is an album that finds us deep into the band's run but also offers one of their most vital statements. as always, pelt is singular and pelt provides. within the greater three lobed catalog, pelt has always been a sort of a white whale, the sort of act that would hopefully grace our catalog. reticence/resistance provides us all with aural relief now and also shows how, given time and celestial patterns, dreams can come true. come drone with us. available on LP and digital.

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