TLR 052: howlin rain — wild life CD

TLR 052: howlin rain — wild life

released march 3, 2008 as an installment in the oscillation III series. sold only as a part of the set.

LP released december 8, 2008 from a limited edition of 998 copies.  $14.00

wild life, howlin rain's contribution to oscillation III, consists of two fifteen minute plus monster jams. the first is an amazingly inspired and completely improvised wailing twin guitar, rock meditation on paul mccartney’s "wild life." "black sangria" rounds out the disc with a completely improvised piece covered in heavy jazz fusion and free, latin jazz rock overtones. the band featured a slightly different lineup for these session, a lineup that in part feels like a comets on fire mini-reunion (above and beyond ethan miller on guitar/vocals is ben chasny on guitar, utrillo kushner on drums, ian gradek on bass and joel robinow on wurlitzer electric piano/nord keyboard). wrapped delicately in two paintings by raeni miller (ethan's wife).

this disc will be released on vinyl by three lobed recordings in december 2008 from a limited edition of 1000 copies. the LP will be on 180g RTI vinyl and housed within an "old style" LP cover.

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