TLR 053: ghq — everywhere at once CD

TLR 053: ghq — everywhere at once

available as a digital download from FINA Download Store (click logo for direct link).

released march 3, 2008 as an installment in the oscillation III series. sold only as a part of the set.

late in 2007 the core ghq duo of marcia bassett and steve gunn set off to jason meagher's black dirt studios to settle in for some multi-tracked studio action. joined by john truscinski of x.o.4 on drums, the trio laid down a series of layered drones unlike anything else in their catalog. After the disc-opening "Rembrance" sets the proper mood, the group kicks into "Four Trees" and establishes a new standard by which their stretched-out drones will be measured. In a collection of chilling recordings, the hazy and aching "Drop City Blues" shines bright with Gunn stepping forward to provide a set of extremely focused vocals. Everywhere at Once is a new and exciting milemarker along the band's continued ascent.

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