TLR 055: vanishing voice the morning after CD

TLR 055: vanishing voice

$10.00 when sold individually (limited quantities). included as a bonus with all oscillation III purchases.

available as a digital download from FINA Download Store (click logo for direct link).

released march 3, 2008. totally freewheelin' into the joint, in the morning after vanishing voice have assembled a wonderfully understated snapshot of the band's current artistic status. whether it is through the near-hypnotic groove of "2029," the grace-via-dissonance of "crystal peak" or the gracefully subdued "weapons cache," the entire disc is one completely absorbing experience. after a flurry of potent, expansive releases over the course of 2007, the morning after demonstrates that the band demands your attention *now*.

iä! shub-niggurath!