TLR 060: heavy winged alive in my mouth LP+CD

TLR 060: heavy winged

out of print.

available as a digital download from FINA Download Store (click logo for direct link).

released may 12, 2008. last summer's cd release for heavy winged, blacc lust, flew out of here and really seemed to find a good home with folks. following up on that response comes the massive and dense blowout that is alive in my mouth. comprised of two of the band's dirtiest and, quite simply, heaviest tracks, it is music for tearing down physical walls. in a small departure from some of our recent vinyl titles, there will not be a bonus cd for pre-ordering the record. instead, every copy of the album will come complete with a cd that features both of the album tracks in addition to a "bonus" 17 minute track. everyone wins! alive in my mouth is be from an edition of 647 copies pressed on 180g RTI vinyl. the record is housed within heavy art sleeves bearing new artwork by michael canich (click here for a larger version of the artwork) and letterpressed by dexterity press (the same folks who we teamed with on sarin smoke's smokescreen).

iä! shub-niggurath!